What We Do

A Straightforward Process


With proprietary technology and a staff of experienced engineers, TPG is able to quickly evaluate your asset.


Once valuation is completed, an offer is presented. TPG contracts are concise and simple to understand.


Once an agreement is in place, TPG completes its due diligence, confirming your ownership.


Upon confirmation of ownership, the transaction is closed.

What We Buy

Think Oil & Gas, Think TPG Energy.

We are more than minerals. By focusing on targeted areas of interest, TPG is able to gain localized expertise. This intimate knowledge allows us to expertly manage a wide array of oil and gas assets.. TPG is currently focused on the Great Rocky Mountain region including North Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico.


Mineral Rights

Mineral Rights give the owner the right to extract oil and gas from their property. Mineral rights differ from surface rights, which give the holder the right to improve upon or sell the surface of a tract of land.

Did you Know?

The United States is one of only a few countries in the world that allows private ownership of mineral rights.


ORRI (Overriding Royalty Interests) are attached to a lease and entitle owner to production revenue. NPRIs (Non-Participating Royalty Interests) also entitle owner to production revenue, but they exist separate from a lease.

Did You Know?

Overrides do not create a perpetual interest in mineral rights.  If a lease expires, the override expires along with it.  NPRIs, like mineral interests, are perpetual interests and are not dependent on a lease being in place.


Minerals are often subject to a lease. Typically, a mineral rights owner grants the lesee her rights to extract oil and gas from their property in exchange for an upfront payment and a % of all future production revenue.

Did you Konw?

Royalty rates vary based on several different variables, but typically are between 12.5% and 20%.

Who We Are

We Pride Ourselves On Professionalism, Integrity & Determination.

When dealing with TPG Energy, you can be confident that you are working with experienced professionals with integrity.

We Are Professionals

TPG Energy is an independent exploration and production company with decades of combined experience in the acquisition and management of oil and gas assets,

We Have Integrity

We pride ourselves on fair business dealings. We believe in honesty and transparency at all times. Quite simply, “We do what we say we will.”

We Are Determined

We are determined to be a premier oil and gas company. We believe the only way to achieve this is through hard work and treating people fairly.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Thank you so much for helping me thru the process of the sale of my mineral rights…It was such a pleasure to get to know you…I look forward to one day meeting you!

Teddie E, Colorado

My experience with TPG Energy was nothing but a positive experience. The process was quick and efficient. What really helped me decide to do business with them was level of courtesy and professionalism I was afforded. I knew if I had questions or needed any assistance I could reach out without feeling like a bother. I highly recommend anyone considering working with them to look no further. I highly recommend TPG.

Reba R, Colorado

I was immediately impressed by TPG’s prompt responses to my questions by phone and via email. Having clear documentation of information in writing is always wise. Correspondence from the corporate office was impeccably crafted, and again, prompt. All conversations were in strictest confidence…I was genuinely impressed that TPG addressed every question with great care, coupled with utmost dignity.

Kristine D, Wyoming