Our world lives fast.  Often, our daily thoughts serve personal ambitions without any graciousness given to the simple necessities we awoke with.  Micah McClellan is reminded every day the fragility of life.  In July 2011, Micah was struck by a drive-by bullet while playing basketball in the sunny afternoon of a Colorado summer.  The stray bullet injured the C3 – C4 of his spinal cord leaving Micah paralyzed from the neck down.  Henceforth, he requires 24-hour nursing attention.  While mainstream society struggles to prioritize work, home and health – Micah lives without basic independence yet exudes daily appreciation for the support of his friends and family.  Each year, Micah’s family hosts a Life Celebration event.

In 2019, a 5K potluck was held at Exposition Park; the site of the incident.  TPG Energy donated $2,500 for Micah’s medical bills.  Pictured is Jeremiah Hagen, Director of Business Development, and his wife Anastasia, whom is a childhood friend of Micah and uses her LPN designation to serve as caretaker whenever needed.  The donation was the least TPG Energy can do for Micah – the support of the friends and family lifts his spirit to continue his fight.

To support Micah, please visit his GoFundMe page at: https://www.gofundme.com/f/never-let-go-foundation

TPG Energy looks forward to supporting Micah for many years to come.