How Mineral Rights Are Valued


If you own or recently inherited mineral rights, your first question is probably "What are these worth?" The honest answer is: it depends. Several variables come into play when people try to assign a value to mineral rights, but the most important are location, activity and commodity pricing. Location Where your mineral rights are [...]

Learn About Weld County Mineral Rights


Colorado has quickly grown to become 7th largest oil-producing state in the United States. Weld County has been the driving force behind this growth with 89% of the state's oil and 33% of its gas production comes from Weld County. This has largely been driven by the advent of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing [...]

Tax Implications of Selling Mineral Rights


Like a house or plot of land, mineral rights are considered real property. As such, they are subject to the same tax treatment. This is good news for mineral rights owners as it allows them to take advantage of 1031 Exchanges. 1031s, sometimes referred to as "Like-Kind" or "Starker" Exchanges allow a mineral rights [...]

Learn About Laramie Mineral Rights


Laramie County, Wyoming is located above the Denver-Julesberg basin ("DJ Basin"), which has long been an oil and gas producing reservoir. However, most of the production to date has occurred on the Colorado side of the Wyoming-Colorado border in Weld County.  It is important for Laramie mineral rights owners to understand the current activity [...]

Projecting Future Income From Mineral Rights


An oil company has leased your minerals and has drilled a well that is going to be producing oil soon. What should you expect in terms of revenue? Obviously, the answer to this depends on several variables unique to your situation: what your royalty rate is, how many acres you own, how many wells [...]

What Is Involved In Selling Mineral Rights?


If you own mineral rights, especially in resource rich states like Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming or Utah, and are interested in monetizing them, it is important to understand how the sale process works. Your first question will undoubtedly be, "What are my minerals worth?", quickly followed by who is interested in buying them from [...]

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